May 23, 2018

Cause and treatment of bad breath

Bad breath can create real embarrassment while talking to the others. It is necessary to prevent bad breath as soon as possible to avoid the embarrassing situations while talking to the others. Before treating the bad breath problems, one should know the actual cause of the problem.

Usually, bad breath problems can occur from the foods which we eat. Foods which are cooked with garlic, onion and the other spices can leave the long-term odor on the mouth. The strong odor of these foods reach to the lungs and comes as a form of bad breath from the mouth. If you don’t brush your teeth after eating foods which have strong odors, you can face the breathing problems.

Bad breath can cause the poor dental condition also. If you don’t brush or floss regularly, you can have poor dental hygiene. You can use mouthwash regularly to get rid of the dental health problems. The main reason for poor dental health is building bacteria on the mouth. You need to keep your mouth clean in order to kill the bacteria and have fresh breath. Teeth and gum problems can be the vital reason for bad breath problem. Getting proper treatment for the gum and teeth problems, one can get rid of the bad breath.

Smoking cigarettes and tobacco can also be the strong reason for bad breath. However, not only the bad breath but smoking also cause a lot of health hazards. Dry mouth can cause bad breath problem. Due to the absence of saliva, the mouth can be dried. To get rid of the salivary gland problems, proper medication is required.

The chronic sinus infection can also cause bad breath problems. The problems generally occur on the back side of the tongue, and it smells and tastes bad when it happens. Sometimes liver and kidney problems can also be the reason for the bad breath.

So, these are some possible causes of bad breath, and most of them are cured easily. You just need to find out the possible causes of bad breath problem and treat it accordingly.

Everyone needs to look for the dental health properly so that they can combat the bad breath problems. Regular brush at least twice a day is mandatory. You have to make sure that the food is not stuck on your teeth. If food is stuck on the teeth for a long time, it causes strong odor on the mouth.

Brushing teeth is not only the solution of the bad odor problems, but one also needs to do flossing every day to cover the hard areas of the mouth. If these don’t help much, you need to look for the recommendations of the dentist for your problem.

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